Do I Really NEED A Squeeze Page?

One of the most common questions solo ad sellers get asked is do "I really need a squeeze/lead capture/funnel page to get started?"

The short answer is YES!

The longer answer is you won't recoup your costs of running solo ads from sales by directly linking to the sales page. Honestly, in many cases when working with genuine clicks you won't make any initial sales.

The point of solo ads is to build your list. Then you can build a relationship with your opt-ins and sell to them, over and over and over again.

If you DON'T have a simple name/email address squeeze page, you won't make money from solo ads.

Here at Select Solo Ads we are all about helping you make money, so we won't even run your ads if you don't have a squeeze page. We will literally turn down business so that you don't lose money. We've got your back!

If you are ready to place an order and have a a squeeze/lead capture/funnel page in place, please see the Buy Now page.