EXPOSED: 3 Ways Solo Ad Sellers Can Scam You!

We started this business because we believe that solo ad buyers deserve to get what they pay for. Unfortunately many in the industry are far from honest.

Here are 3 ways some solo ad sellers scam their clients:

#1 Fake Traffic

Solo ad sellers can fake clicks very easily. With fresh proxy servers and a bot application clicks can be made to look like they come from various countries, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Beware: Just because you are getting cheap clicks it doesn't mean they are from real people. 

#2 Fake Opt-ins

It is just as easy to add fake opt-ins with app generated names, email addresses, phone numbers and anything else required by the form.

#3 Fake Sales

If the product is cheap the solo ad seller can simply buy the item themselves and still make a profit. The buyer will then believe the opt-ins are real.

The scammer often then issues a chargeback or refund request a few weeks later.

In extreme cases the scammer will use stolen credit cards to by products. This leads to endless problems for the buyer when the true owner of the card issues chargebacks.

Why We Are Different!

We use the well-known and trusted tracking software Clickmagik to ensure all our clicks are real and high quality. We are always happy to send you the report if you have any concerns. You will also see that the leads you buy from us have a good open rate when it comes to your follow up emails. That's because they are real people, like you paid for!

To start buying real solo ads, please see our 'Buy Now' page.